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Tavern Day – Community, Volunteerism and Hard Work!


Tavern Day 2016I am on the board of my local Chamber of Commerce and to say the month of September has been busy planning and preparing for Tavern Day is an understatement.

Many different Town Organizations, School Groups, businesses and non-profits have helped our Chamber figure it all out.

I know many of my readers won’t be local, but if you are and want to hear a great band (Sasquatch Rescue Unit featuring the members of the Steve Dunn Band), enjoy many food favorites (my church Apple Crisp is worth the trip alone!) and beverages for all ages (yes, adult beverages!).

Some may say taking focus off your business for a one-day event is not smart, but I will always err on the side of giving to my community like so many others have.

Since we are Sponsor again this year, I must extend a formal invite to you, your family and your friends…okay, your neighbors, co-workers and that dog-walking person you see everyday are also welcome!

I hope you can make it and give support to all who gave so much of themselves so many can have some fun Sunday.  See  you there!