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Social Media Success Summit – Learn a lot, Save a lot through August 5th


SMSS16-Attending-BadgeEvery once in awhile you read about a conference and you realize immediately, that’s for me!

I had that moment earlier today and saved $400 because I registered by the August 5th deadline (and they say there is a limited amount of discounted seats, also 400).

The neat thing is you can attend live or catch up with the recordings, get your answers or ideas addressed live or in a LinkedIn group, have access to the videos for a year and other downloadable material.

Continue to check out the agenda for this Social Media Powerhouse lineup of learning that I can do as best fits my schedule.

I know from my work that Social Media is at the top of “I know I have to do it, but I don’t have the time or desire to do it” lists.

In my opinion, this is too good to pass on and this Friday’s deadline puts some urgency on you…sorry!  Hope you find this as exciting as eBurns Marketing Group did!

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Constant Contact – What’s in it for Me? Quite Simply, a Lot!


CTCT_SP_Accredited_Email_Block_RGB_300dpi-01As an Accredited Solution Provider, one can probably accuse me of being quite biased when I promote Constant Contact.

It’s a normal reaction as is the “I’m not a small business, so it’s not for me” or the classic “MailChimp is so much better and it’s free”.

I am “biased” because I did try other Email Service Providers until I found the Email Marketing product so much better from a design and ease of use perspective for my solo gig many years ago.

As I kept using and promoting Constant Contact, they did a wonderful thing and evolved to address critical strategies such as Event Management, Facebook promotions and now Advertising, Local Deals, Coupon campaigns and how to manage your customers and prospective clients with a powerful List Management and Segmentation tool. Continue reading

Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet


thinker-28741_640Being a Constant Contact Solution Provider has its perks…and so do our readers!

For those of us that have had so much fun trying to make our logo or banner fit the page, find a wonderful image cheat sheet that was shared with us a few days ago.

Hopefully, we just saved you some time and your social media channels look just like you want them to.  Now, what to do with the rest of our day??? Continue reading