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Don’t Get Tricked! Are Your Mobile Devices Vulnerable to a Cyber Attack?


Happy Halloween!!

It sure has been a scary October.  In addition to all the creepy clown sightings – those politicians can be frightening – there are new stories everyday about all kinds of devices being hacked and used in cyber attacks.

It almost seems fitting that one of the largest and newest cyber attacks to date took place during Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Do you know about the vulnerability of your Internet-capable devices?

Do you know how to keep yourself safe? Continue reading

Website Security Update – Phishing to Plugins


Depositphotos_22233745_l-2015I know I write about this stuff a lot.

I know I read about this stuff a lot.

Using the powers of deduction, it makes sense to write about this stuff a lot.

While most of our time is spent on how our logo looks, what our content plan is, when will we find time to write the business blog (we can solve that issue!) and poring over digital data, the “unseen” and often forgotten security exists just under the surface.

Unfortunately, the people who spend their time hacking and spreading malware are geniuses that can derail your business and possibly do damage to your clients.

Keep up with the information, file it away and take the counter-measures necessary to make your website and your business less likely to be hacked which shows you care not only about your company, but your customers as well. Continue reading

Managed vs. Shared Hosting – Did you know there is a difference?


Web Hosting


Did that word invoke any reaction?  Do you even think about it as your website chugs away in it’s digital universe?

For most, they simply think the only goal of website hosting is to get the cheapest plan because “it’s all the same”.

I beg to differ and through my recent work on a couple proposals, came across a great article that is truly a great overview with some meat about this topic.

My post on what the hackers are up to should cause enough alarm to check this out, but I do hope that you take a few minutes to find out just how vulnerable or locked-down your business website is (or isn’t). Continue reading

Website Security? We don’t need it because we don’t…


Depositphotos_22233745_l-2015Okay, honesty time.  How many of you Do-it-Yourselfers (DIYers) out there are either:

  • Oblivious to the mounting security threats OR
  • Simply ignore it because your website is of no interest to a hacker?

I know from my discussions with clients, prospects and even friends that this is the approach by far too many website owners and/or managers.

I bring this up from a relatively recent talk with a prospect that was doing due diligence for a new endeavor that would cater to a very high-end client.

I was asked something like this, “Why should we worry about month over month security when we will not be processing any credit cards or storing personal information on our website?”.

I am somewhat of a security nut in almost all I do in life, so I gave my reply.  I could instantly tell there was no “Aha!” connection in the grey matter.

After all, what could I possibly know, they just met me.  Well, read on for a great article that backs up (and more) what I said. Continue reading