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Solve 1.2 – The Sprint – PPC


runner-304409_1280As we shared in Solve 1.0 and Solve 1.1, the plan of “build it and they will come” is not a plan that will work in today’s Digital Marketing space.

Are you the owner of your business responsible for pretty much everything?  How about a marketing professional at a small or mid-market business?

If you are, then today’s Solve 1.2 will introduce the digital strategy of pay-per-click advertising.

If you recall, I believe the website is your foundation and SEO campaigns is the long, dedicated approach to organic search engine growth.

But, PPC is the opposite…it’s the sprint, the well-oiled machine that works quickly to find customers that need your services.  It’s not for everyone, but if used strategically, it can be a nice way to grow your revenues. Continue reading

eBurns Marketing Group – The New Website Design, The New Beginning


bigstock-The-words-Hello-I-Am-An-Expert-36518137Hello, my name is Jerry Burns and I am the founder of eBurns Marketing Group, LLC.  Although it’s not my style, I know from my lifetime of experience and professional focus that I can be considered an expert in certain areas.

If I am being truthful, the graphic should say “Hello, WE are experts” because it is the people who make up our team behind the scenes that allows me to state you are dealing with an expert for any of our services. Continue reading