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Have an Email Address? Tips for ROI Success – Part 2


Bird mailThe longevity of Email Marketing is a testament to its success and the low cost means that just about any business, no matter how small, can use it to grow the customer base by finding them where they are at…their email address!

After last week’s post, we hope you are ready to make a true commitment to doing what it takes to make Email Marketing work for your company.

We gave you a lot of tips that can help achieve a decent ROI, but there are even more that can help make your efforts even more rewarding.

Just because customers and prospects are quite used to doing business through their email address and it seems a “normal” way of doing business these days, that does not mean changes no longer happen.

The way people use technology and receive their emails is always changing, so your content and methods need to Evolve to stay fresh and relevant. Continue reading

Have an Email Address? Tips for ROI Success – Part 1


Bird mailWith a whole world of marketing tools at your disposal, you might wonder if Email Marketing still makes sense in an ever-changing digital world.

After all, social media, instant messaging and video can make email seem outdated.  Does anyone even read emails anymore?

The answer is a resounding – YES!  That email address you collected can be ROI gold!

Email Marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to promote and grow your business – if you do it right.

We’ve found some tips from the experts that can help you achieve success.

Continue reading

DMARC-O! Polo! DMARC-O! Polo! – Gmail is a Changing and it’s No Game!


gmail-1162901_640Google is more than just a search engine juggernaut, it is also a major “email cop” because of the overwhelming amount of people using Gmail.

Due to the amount of SPAM and nefarious attempts by hackers to wreak their havoc, Google is changing how it authenticates the delivery of emails to conform with an industry-recognized policy called DMARC.

Put simply, it will affect the odds of your business emails getting delivered if you are using a 3rd party Email Service Provider (or ESP), like Constant Contact.

What can you do to avoid your email strategy falling on “deaf ears”?  You guessed it, read on! Continue reading

Involve 1.0 – The ROI Builder – Email Marketing


Yes to Email MarketingSo you have solved the issue of a SEO ready website, but are you truly done?

I have already said that “Build it and they will Come” is not really a valid strategy because GoYaBi needs to be satisfied in order to reward.

Let’s shift our focus to the Involve part of our philosophy:  How do you get your more people to your website, to take actions on your services or products and to become an industry go-to leader?

There are many ways, but we’ll start with the “grand-daddy” of them all (if there is such think in Digital Marketing yet!), Email Marketing.

Yes, I see you rolling your eyes, but the fact is that Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook™ and Twitter™ combined in helping your business acquire new customers. (McKinsey, 2014).

It doesn’t matter if you are a Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider or using another service, what matters is you do it right and you do it regularly. Continue reading

Constant Contact – What’s in it for Me? Quite Simply, a Lot!


CTCT_SP_Accredited_Email_Block_RGB_300dpi-01As an Accredited Solution Provider, one can probably accuse me of being quite biased when I promote Constant Contact.

It’s a normal reaction as is the “I’m not a small business, so it’s not for me” or the classic “MailChimp is so much better and it’s free”.

I am “biased” because I did try other Email Service Providers until I found the Email Marketing product so much better from a design and ease of use perspective for my solo gig many years ago.

As I kept using and promoting Constant Contact, they did a wonderful thing and evolved to address critical strategies such as Event Management, Facebook promotions and now Advertising, Local Deals, Coupon campaigns and how to manage your customers and prospective clients with a powerful List Management and Segmentation tool. Continue reading

eBurns Marketing Group – The New Website Design, The New Beginning


bigstock-The-words-Hello-I-Am-An-Expert-36518137Hello, my name is Jerry Burns and I am the founder of eBurns Marketing Group, LLC.  Although it’s not my style, I know from my lifetime of experience and professional focus that I can be considered an expert in certain areas.

If I am being truthful, the graphic should say “Hello, WE are experts” because it is the people who make up our team behind the scenes that allows me to state you are dealing with an expert for any of our services. Continue reading