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eBurns Marketing Group – The New Website Design, The New Beginning


bigstock-The-words-Hello-I-Am-An-Expert-36518137Hello, my name is Jerry Burns and I am the founder of eBurns Marketing Group, LLC.  Although it’s not my style, I know from my lifetime of experience and professional focus that I can be considered an expert in certain areas.

If I am being truthful, the graphic should say “Hello, WE are experts” because it is the people who make up our team behind the scenes that allows me to state you are dealing with an expert for any of our services.

This is my first posting on the new website platform that was done by my newly configured team and it achieved two goals for me:

  1. A fantastic Responsive Website that truly reflects what my company can do for businesses
  2. Allowed me to understand what my clients and future clients will experience when they get a new website, focus on SEO and the project plan to implementation.

If you take a few minutes to check out our website, you will see there is a central theme of “Solve. Involve. Evolve.”

If you are a business owner or marketing professional whose performance is tied to the company’s results, then you will probably see a need or problem that our company can help you with.

For my company, I had to get to the Evolve part of the equation.  I truly care about my clients, their goals and their successes and failures.  I like to say to prospective clients “if you care, we care” because it’s the caring that builds the team, that builds the desire to succeed and builds the plans to achieve the success.

In order to better serve our current and future clients we have Evolved by adding strategic partnership with  website design experts so we can Solve your business issues with custom website designs, SEO and highly focused Pay-per-Click ad campaigns by a Google AdWords Certified team, re-focusing on our multi-year Solution Provider relationship with Constant Contact to Involve and engage your site visitors and extended our writing team so we can provide professional business blogging, eBook and Whitepaper services to you can attract the right prospect at the right time.

As we continue to Evolve, you will see blog and social media updates on various topics that can help any business succeed in today’s highly competitive digital marketing space.  If you have a specific issue to solve or question on your mind, please share so we can help.

If you are truly wanting to better your business in today’s online marketing world, then I invite you to contact me for a 30-minute discussion on how our collective expertise can become an integral reason for your business success.