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Don’t Get Tricked! Are Your Mobile Devices Vulnerable to a Cyber Attack?


Happy Halloween!!

It sure has been a scary October.  In addition to all the creepy clown sightings – those politicians can be frightening – there are new stories everyday about all kinds of devices being hacked and used in cyber attacks.

It almost seems fitting that one of the largest and newest cyber attacks to date took place during Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Do you know about the vulnerability of your Internet-capable devices?

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3 Tips for Digital Marketers Video to Help You Succeed


60 Seconds or So Opening ImageOne of the best ways to Involve your clients, customer and prospects is creating content.

Remember, I did not make this up as I pointed out in my Smart Google Guy blog post.

In this episode of “60 seconds (or so) with eBMG” I touch on some tips to keep in mind as you start doing video campaigns…or any digital marketing initiative!

Today’s “or so” video shares my thoughts related to the over-inflation of Facebook’s video ad stats.  It’s not nefarious, but it shows even the leaders in this space can make mistakes…at least that’s how I will term it today!

It’s not rocket science, but if you take the time to know that you need to not only find a trusted partner like I think my company is, but you need to take steps to protect what you do.
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Abracadabra, POOF! And there goes Your Company Blog or Website


I am very much aware of the pressure to keep expenses in check, it’s simply a good way to do business.

I also read this quote by Bertie Charles Forbes, “If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business” and it has a lot of meaning to what I am sharing today…at least I think it does.

eBurns Marketing Group operates in a country conditioned by the Walmarts of the world to sacrifice quality for the absolute bargain basement pricing.

I see it in the confidence shared by business owners who say they have Wix or setup a Weebly website and it’s working fine.

Maybe it is, but that confidence should be met with great concern because…POOF!!!!…all you have done can be gone in a microsecond. Continue reading

Can we Talk (about Strategic Digital Marketing)?


why-1432955_1280As the late and great comedian Joan Rivers used to say, “Can we talk?”

I want to actually focus in on the age old question, actually.

That would be the question “Why?”

As River Song says to the Doctor, “Spoilers”, so if you want to know how powerful “Why” is, keep reading. Continue reading

Farmington Bank and eBurns Marketing Group Teaming Up during Small Business Month!


I will end this wonderful week by announcing that Farmington Bank has begun a Small Business Seminar series and they asked me to be a presenter!

I would like to thank Rich Browning, Asst. VP & Burlington Branch Manager, for inviting me to present during Small Business Month!

I hope to make this lunch time event fun and informative, so join Farmington Bank and eBurns Marketing Group on May 17th!

Want more details, continue on to see the promotional flyer for this event.  See you there! Continue reading

eBurns Marketing Group – The New Website Design, The New Beginning


bigstock-The-words-Hello-I-Am-An-Expert-36518137Hello, my name is Jerry Burns and I am the founder of eBurns Marketing Group, LLC.  Although it’s not my style, I know from my lifetime of experience and professional focus that I can be considered an expert in certain areas.

If I am being truthful, the graphic should say “Hello, WE are experts” because it is the people who make up our team behind the scenes that allows me to state you are dealing with an expert for any of our services. Continue reading