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Past Post Wisdom: Be Human, Be Ethical, Be Blogging…Sounds Like My Kind of Client


Wayback Business BloggingDigital Marketing is a broad umbrella and there are so many cool tools available to help you out…although there are so many it can be quite confusing and overwhelming.

That’s why I advocate partnering up with eBurns Marketing Group to help you succeed with your marketing needs.  Today, I checked out the “Wayback Machine” which is a digital Internet Archive for websites.

Wow! Have we Evolved since our first website…and for the better as we have established quality teams to help you succeed.

Today, I’ll share a post from 2013 that was lost in all the changes, but resonates to this very day.  Not only are you holding me and my company to very high standards (you really should be!), but I do the same of you! Continue reading

Tavern Day – Community, Volunteerism and Hard Work!


Tavern Day 2016I am on the board of my local Chamber of Commerce and to say the month of September has been busy planning and preparing for Tavern Day is an understatement.

Many different Town Organizations, School Groups, businesses and non-profits have helped our Chamber figure it all out.

I know many of my readers won’t be local, but if you are and want to hear a great band (Sasquatch Rescue Unit featuring the members of the Steve Dunn Band), enjoy many food favorites (my church Apple Crisp is worth the trip alone!) and beverages for all ages (yes, adult beverages!).

Some may say taking focus off your business for a one-day event is not smart, but I will always err on the side of giving to my community like so many others have.

Since we are Sponsor again this year, I must extend a formal invite to you, your family and your friends…okay, your neighbors, co-workers and that dog-walking person you see everyday are also welcome!

I hope you can make it and give support to all who gave so much of themselves so many can have some fun Sunday.  See  you there!


Website Security Update – Phishing to Plugins


Depositphotos_22233745_l-2015I know I write about this stuff a lot.

I know I read about this stuff a lot.

Using the powers of deduction, it makes sense to write about this stuff a lot.

While most of our time is spent on how our logo looks, what our content plan is, when will we find time to write the business blog (we can solve that issue!) and poring over digital data, the “unseen” and often forgotten security exists just under the surface.

Unfortunately, the people who spend their time hacking and spreading malware are geniuses that can derail your business and possibly do damage to your clients.

Keep up with the information, file it away and take the counter-measures necessary to make your website and your business less likely to be hacked which shows you care not only about your company, but your customers as well. Continue reading

SEO Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy? Why Yes…Yes, It Is


SEO MathFancy that, a digital marketer like myself who runs a digital marketing agency saying that SEO is the best thing you can do long-term.

While it’s something that we truly believe, it’s not just us that feel this way and mathematics seems bear it out as well.

Okay, I am being cute here on purpose not revealing the source that I whole-heatedly agree with because I want you to keep reading if you care about being seen in today’s ever mobile society.

SEO is a multi-faceted strategy and one that will pay off, but you have to stop sitting on the sidelines OR doing it wrong yourself…yes, I said “doing it wrong” because I know from simply listening and seeing what’s happening.  Heck, when I started out I was doing it wrong myself and I am still learning because this is a field where that is mandatory.

You can’t cheat the system and the Google Smart Guy said it himselfSEO is very important and your digital marketing plan requires attention to it.

If you disagree, I wish you a good day.  If you agree, keep going! Continue reading

Social Media Success Summit – Learn a lot, Save a lot through August 5th


SMSS16-Attending-BadgeEvery once in awhile you read about a conference and you realize immediately, that’s for me!

I had that moment earlier today and saved $400 because I registered by the August 5th deadline (and they say there is a limited amount of discounted seats, also 400).

The neat thing is you can attend live or catch up with the recordings, get your answers or ideas addressed live or in a LinkedIn group, have access to the videos for a year and other downloadable material.

Continue to check out the agenda for this Social Media Powerhouse lineup of learning that I can do as best fits my schedule.

I know from my work that Social Media is at the top of “I know I have to do it, but I don’t have the time or desire to do it” lists.

In my opinion, this is too good to pass on and this Friday’s deadline puts some urgency on you…sorry!  Hope you find this as exciting as eBurns Marketing Group did!

Continue reading

Abracadabra, POOF! And there goes Your Company Blog or Website


I am very much aware of the pressure to keep expenses in check, it’s simply a good way to do business.

I also read this quote by Bertie Charles Forbes, “If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business” and it has a lot of meaning to what I am sharing today…at least I think it does.

eBurns Marketing Group operates in a country conditioned by the Walmarts of the world to sacrifice quality for the absolute bargain basement pricing.

I see it in the confidence shared by business owners who say they have Wix or setup a Weebly website and it’s working fine.

Maybe it is, but that confidence should be met with great concern because…POOF!!!!…all you have done can be gone in a microsecond. Continue reading

DMARC-O! Polo! DMARC-O! Polo! – Gmail is a Changing and it’s No Game!


gmail-1162901_640Google is more than just a search engine juggernaut, it is also a major “email cop” because of the overwhelming amount of people using Gmail.

Due to the amount of SPAM and nefarious attempts by hackers to wreak their havoc, Google is changing how it authenticates the delivery of emails to conform with an industry-recognized policy called DMARC.

Put simply, it will affect the odds of your business emails getting delivered if you are using a 3rd party Email Service Provider (or ESP), like Constant Contact.

What can you do to avoid your email strategy falling on “deaf ears”?  You guessed it, read on! Continue reading

Managed vs. Shared Hosting – Did you know there is a difference?


Web Hosting


Did that word invoke any reaction?  Do you even think about it as your website chugs away in it’s digital universe?

For most, they simply think the only goal of website hosting is to get the cheapest plan because “it’s all the same”.

I beg to differ and through my recent work on a couple proposals, came across a great article that is truly a great overview with some meat about this topic.

My post on what the hackers are up to should cause enough alarm to check this out, but I do hope that you take a few minutes to find out just how vulnerable or locked-down your business website is (or isn’t). Continue reading

Can we Talk (about Strategic Digital Marketing)?


why-1432955_1280As the late and great comedian Joan Rivers used to say, “Can we talk?”

I want to actually focus in on the age old question, actually.

That would be the question “Why?”

As River Song says to the Doctor, “Spoilers”, so if you want to know how powerful “Why” is, keep reading. Continue reading

Business Blogging: Step-by-Step – Many or a Few, It’s Your Choice


bigstock-Blog-1625652I did a high-level presentation focusing on the Digital Marketing Universe recently and the business owners who came shared some of their thoughts on a follow-up survey.

While the topic was generally seen a fun approach to a very complicated, and at times dry, topic…several of the attendees said they were looking for more details.

Based on my presentation objective, that was one of the outcomes I hoped for as the interest had to be stoked and lit, just like a good fire!

The question on any internet marketing strategy your company (or you) will pursue comes down to the same key factors each time:

  • Time
  • Budget
  • Results

While these vary by strategy and client, they are fairly consistent.  Today, I will share what it takes for you to achieve Business Blogging success! Continue reading