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Website Security? We don’t need it because we don’t…


Depositphotos_22233745_l-2015Okay, honesty time.  How many of you Do-it-Yourselfers (DIYers) out there are either:

  • Oblivious to the mounting security threats OR
  • Simply ignore it because your website is of no interest to a hacker?

I know from my discussions with clients, prospects and even friends that this is the approach by far too many website owners and/or managers.

I bring this up from a relatively recent talk with a prospect that was doing due diligence for a new endeavor that would cater to a very high-end client.

I was asked something like this, “Why should we worry about month over month security when we will not be processing any credit cards or storing personal information on our website?”.

I am somewhat of a security nut in almost all I do in life, so I gave my reply.  I could instantly tell there was no “Aha!” connection in the grey matter.

After all, what could I possibly know, they just met me.  Well, read on for a great article that backs up (and more) what I said.

Unsecured Website = Hacker Heaven

Basic CMYKWhen you hear the word “hacker”, what comes to mind?

Are you picturing a scallywag sitting half-way across the world with only the dim light of their laptop illuminating their menacing face as they try to get into your system?  Me neither, but I had to ask!

In all seriousness, what’s trying to break into your world and wreak havoc is a program that is commonly referred to as a “Bot”.  Google, Bing and other legitimate web services use them as well (GoYaBi likes!).  But these Bots can be very, very bad news for your business.

I use a WordPress security plug-in called WordFence and their blog post “What Hackers Do With Compromised WordPress Sites” should be a must read for all, even if you don’t have WordPress.

Why? Because you need to understand that one ounce of laziness when it comes to due diligence can literally cripple your business and/or bring harm to others AND it gives you the reason why it’s attractive to a hacker.

I won’t bore you by regurgitating the article, go and read it, but here is a quick list of the things Wordfence says a Hacker will do if they can:

  • Defacing your site or taking it offline
  • Send SPAM
  • Malicious Redirect
  • Host Phishing Page
  • Distribute Malware
  • Steal User Data
  • Attack site
  • Ransomware – this is a rapidly growing concern because it works!
  • Host Malicious Content
  • Referrer SPAM

Help! Let Me Out of this Digital Universe

Website SecurityTake a deep breath!  It’s ugly out there, but only if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

Like anything else in life,  you can be a DIYer and stay on top of this or you can make sure your business is protected by using the talents of a partner like eBurns Marketing Group.

Nothing is 100% risk free, but why make it easy for those Bad Bots to ruin your company’s reputation, make loyal customers question your judgement and/or put a severe dent in your revenues from the damage done?

I hope I helped some people open their eyes to the true threats that face any Internet Marketing professional, but I also hope you realize there are solutions with the proper planning and strategies.

As the Most Interesting Man in the World used to say, “Stay safe my friends!”

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