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The SEO Journey: You Can’t Get There Overnight Dorothy



As someone who stays on top of best practices in the marketplace, you know that search engine optimization is the path to success.

Grow your visibility.  Grow your customer base.  Grow your business.

And while I do bear a strong resemblance to Glenda, the Good Witch of the East, I can’t wave my magic content wand and make you an overnight SEO success.  Anyone who says they can is probably after your shoes (red ruby by any chance?).

As with all great adventures, SEO is a journey, not a destination.  Taking the right path on this yellow-brick road will lead you to the  digital Emerald City – and beyond!

Follow the (SEO) Road!

Just like Dorothy found herself in the strange land of Oz, today’s digital marketplace has its share of “Lions (social platforms) and Tigers (content options) and Bears (time management options)…OH MY!!”

The need for an effectively planned, measured and adjusted SEO strategy means we aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

So, what’s changed?

As a smart business person, you –  and probably most of your customers –  are using the latest ad-blocking and anti-spam technology to keep out unwanted messages.  Otherwise, you would end up wasting valuable time purging your email and navigating away from annoying websites trying to sell you the latest and greatest “new-fangled whatchamajig”!

According to this article from Search Engine Journal, customers want value, and they want useful informationGood content doesn’t try to sell to customers as the primary goal.

Instead, good content creation provides relevant, meaningful information on topics they are interested which builds expertise and trust.

That expertise and trust establishes your company as an industry thought-leader which builds relationships with visitors and – are you following this? – builds your customer base over time!

One of the best ways to accomplish this is through a smart, effective business blogging strategy! Here are just 3 facts HubSpot shares to prove our point:

  • Business owners who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to experience positive ROI
  • B2B Marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not
  • By 2020 (a tad over 3 years from now), your clients/customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human!

More leads, better ROI and positioning your company’s voice for the future by having something to say digitally…so why are you not committing resources to this?

Feed the (SEO) Beast

GoYaBi Loves ContentAny scarecrow can tell you – and I’m sure I have –  business blogging is what feeds the all-powerful Digital Wizard of OZ (known affectionately as GoYaBi here!)  Much like the all-powerful Oz, GoYaBi tells the search universe what is important on any particular topic.

But as I stated in the beginning, success doesn’t happen overnight.  Our friend at Search Engine Land said it took seven months for a well-written, keyword optimized piece to reach the number two rank on Google.  A second post took six months to reach the same ranking.

This can make it tempting to call it quits, click your heels three times, and say, “There’s no place like my pre-Internet home.”  But that won’t get you anywhere except back where you started…and, quite possibly, a little further behind since being inconsistent is not ideal when it comes to such affairs!

A good SEO strategy means your decision today is one that is committed to the long haul, that will build a content machine that is sustainable over time and is a proven long-term winner.

It’s worth the (SEO Results) Wait

bigstock-Future-Ahead-501688Our friends at Marketing Land know first-hand the benefit of staying with a good content strategy. They estimate it will take between six months and a year to see significant changes in your SEO.

Part of this is because after you write a high-quality blog, it still needs to be found. There’s no potion or magical hourglass that can speed up the process BUT, GoYaBi is scouring, indexing and ranking to help you find your way!

Also, this isn’t a one-and-done effort as quality blogs need to keep coming in order to build your company expertise and relevance.

You have to ask yourself “Can I or my team dedicate the necessary time to research keywords & topics, to write & re-write and to format so your message is received well on laptop or mobile device?” and “Can you do this for at least four engaging blogs each month?”

If the answer is not a resounding “Yes”, then reach out so eBurns Marketing Group can help you plan a topic calendar, do the keyword research, write in your company voice and make it ready for prime time…together!

No fairy godmothers or ruby slippers required to realize there is “No place like a well-planned Digital Home!”