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Solve 1.1 – The Long Plan – Search Engine Optimization


GoYaBi from PixabyIn Solve 1.0, we introduced our new “Solve. Involve. Evolve.” tagline and focused on what we define as Solve.

To refresh, Solve touches on the issues and challenges that you face in trying to attract new visitors to your website and how to keep them on your site longer so they see the issues you can Solve for them!

With your website properly designed and implemented, you can simply kick up your feet and let the visitors overload your server.  Sure, that’s a wonderful dream for many legitimate businesses but we know as educated marketers or business owners that it takes more effort and a focused commitment.

Solve 1.1 will touch on the long-play strategy of Search Engine Optimization.  It is similar to the SEO work done when creating your website, but this SEO strategy is focused on getting ranked higher over the long-haul, which means you are pleasing the Magical GoYaBi!

The Magical GoYaBi must be Pleased

What?!?!  You never heard of GoYaBi?  Well, until I conjured up that phrase a few moments ago in this awesome writing jag, neither did I.

In a way though, you do have to please the “magical” search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing to be successful with a SEO strategy.  I loosely use “magical” because the search algorithms are so complex and always changing to bring out the best in your company for your website, blog or social media visitor.

In real people terms, Google has transformed the digital marketing landscape for businesses by using proprietary algorithms which includes the use of at least one neural net (to be honest, I am not sure if there is a need for a second!) to determine where your business should show up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

So nobody else has to, I will readily admit that this neural net is probably way smarter than me.  Yeah, I know, going out on a limb with that one.  I have to believe the YaBi part is up to the same tricks, although I have to think Google is the industry leader here.

Does GoYaBi Need a Sacrifice to be Pleased?

Why yes, of course!  Okay, it’s not what you think.  You need to sacrifice your old belief system…you need to Evolve in order to Solve.

The good news for your business is Google led the way in making content a priority and it starts with your website and the SEO tactics you pursue.

If you put out great content on your blog, on your social media channels and with your onsite and offsite search engine optimization over a consistent period of time, your company will rank higher for the relevant keywords that actual future clients are searching on!

In other words, if you create a long-term SEO strategy and stay true to it, your company will be a happy SERPer from all those web surfers!

Darwin taught us that survival required species to Evolve and GoYaBi is mandating the same for your business.  Don’t wonder how you will survive, learn why you can and how to thrive by calling eBurns Marketing Group today.

Let’s think differently (GoYaBi happy), let’s leverage our highly skilled SEO team to do it right (GoYaBi happier) and let’s start building your onsite and offsite SEO success together (GoYaBi, and your business, pleased)!

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