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SEO Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy? Why Yes…Yes, It Is


SEO MathFancy that, a digital marketer like myself who runs a digital marketing agency saying that SEO is the best thing you can do long-term.

While it’s something that we truly believe, it’s not just us that feel this way and mathematics seems bear it out as well.

Okay, I am being cute here on purpose not revealing the source that I whole-heatedly agree with because I want you to keep reading if you care about being seen in today’s ever mobile society.

SEO is a multi-faceted strategy and one that will pay off, but you have to stop sitting on the sidelines OR doing it wrong yourself…yes, I said “doing it wrong” because I know from simply listening and seeing what’s happening.  Heck, when I started out I was doing it wrong myself and I am still learning because this is a field where that is mandatory.

You can’t cheat the system and the Google Smart Guy said it himselfSEO is very important and your digital marketing plan requires attention to it.

If you disagree, I wish you a good day.  If you agree, keep going!

The Mathematics of a SEO Strategy

Carton SEO missing profit - Search engine optimization webThe math isn’t as complicated as our post picture alludes, but an effective SEO strategy is complicated because there are many moving parts and different desired outcomes.

I am not going to re-write an already well written article on MarketingProfs called “The Mathematical Reason SEO is the Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy” because you can click over to read it.

But, I do strongly believe in what’s being shared and will point out what I think makes it all add up (sorry, so corny math humor there)!

  • The math is known as Compounding Interest which we all understand from our financial investment strategies.  SEO uses that same compounding principle to generate better results as time goes on.
  • That blog post you did generates some search engine cred and maybe some inbound links.  But, the compounding happens because it’s always out there getting crawled by the search engines (see my GoYaBi post), gaining more visitors, more inbound links and more eyes on your product or service.
  • Even more blog posts creates the same growth machine, further rewarding a steady and long-term SEO strategy.
  • Other marketing options like paid search has finite investments and results.  Once the campaign is done, that’s it.  A business blogging strategy has immediate and long-term impacts…it keeps growing and is not finite like traditional marketing is.
  • What about email, that has a strong ROI.  Yes it does but SEO has several advantages over other strong digital marketing strategies:
    • If your content is valuable to your visitors, more links will be earned over time which gradually increases page rank for relevant search submissions.  Now, factor in all the other content your company will be creating and you have a compounding machine in play.
    • The more relevant content, the more readers are added over time and a dedicated, long-term SEO strategy can lead to gaining more readers simply because of all the readers you have earned.  Kind of a digital self-fulfilling prophesy, if you will.
    • More content posts, the more links over time and the more links to be visited indefinitely. Powerful stuff that doesn’t happen overnight, but is attainable.
    • The more success the more visible your content becomes.  The more visibility means more “channels” or outlets to have your content, which is really your expertise, shared on.  All this visibility leads to more visitors, more links, more success.

This compounding SEO interest all literally starts with the first business blog post, but it has to be done right and done consistently.  If you don’t take the time to do the Keyword Research, the time to write and the time to manage this then by all means reach out to those that have the team at a better value than tying up all your time.

Yes, a great website with proper SEO is good, but if you do nothing else it’s simply a digital billboard that sits there hoping somebody drives past.  If you put together a great SEO strategy you can direct the traffic to your website and create an interactive win-win for you and your company visitors.

Like anything else in life, the choice is yours and I am looking for clients that know they need to make this investment and know leveraging talent like we have at eBurns Marketing Group will lead to long-term success…after all, the math says so!