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Search Engine Ranking – a Smart Google Guy shares Simple Plan


bigstock-The-Word-content-Handwritten-34753148I am always amazed at how many business owners or professionals approach me about one small part of the bigger picture…like a website, for instance.

Yes, a website is very important as I laid out in Solve 1.0, but it’s not the only piece to a successful internet marketing strategy.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to rank for SEO and to satisfy GoYaBi is through simply techniques like blog entries (as are other Content Creation ideas). Easy because it shows your expertise or opinion and can be shared many times via social and newsletters.

Don’t believe me (although I do try to be very truthful, I have a reputation you know!), how about believing Google themselves?

RankBrain, Links & Content…Oh, My!

This SearchEngineWatch.com post by Christopher Ratcliff is why you don’t have to believe me. It’s a good read, but since that takes extra time I will share some key points in my own words…so, pardon my style!

Group of happy people hugging and cheering

First, for those not in the industry-lingo know, RankBrain is the artificial intelligence module that Google uses for their Search Engine queries. That’s about as far as I will go here, but if you are truly inquisitive you can click in the post’s first sentence to learn more.

In a live Q&A with a Google expert who knows, an SEO expert who knows a lot as well asked what other two things are important beyond RankBrain?

The really simple reply was “It’s content and links pointing to your site.”

Ta da!! <<Sounds of trumpets and cheering crowds echo through the air>> Yep, Google is trying to understand how we write and, more importantly, how we talk.

The content you create for your business, if relevant to your website truly helps RankBrain “figure things out”.

What were you expecting? Some pitch on how to rank on Page 1 two-days ago using proven (and expensive) black-hat methods? Nope, I’ll leave that empty promise to the email spammers who promise such things.

That Sounds Easy…but it’s not!

So, content and links pointing back to your site. Digest that one for a microsecond.

GoYaBi from PixabyMay I ask why you are still putting off a true strategy that will accomplish what GoYaBi wants?

If you can’t invest a few hundred to a few thousand dollars into your company (depending on revenue streams), then stop now. Why frustrate yourself?

Still here? Okay, then you know you should be writing a blog, doing a newsletter and posting to social…it all ties into RankBrain and what the Google smarty-pants said.

But it takes time and what is your hour of time worth? Suppose you do one blog per week for a total of 4 per month…how long will it take you to put your thoughts together, to write from your perspective and to keep SEO keywords in mind?

When you have to remain consistent and do it over and over, does it impede your workflow or those of your staff? Do you have 6 to 10 hours to do this stuff each and every month?

You know the answers to this, but something stops you from reaching out each and every time. I am guessing here, but ignoring does have it’s benefits until you take the time to realize the lost time with GoYaBi means less visitors to your website.

It is also a cost issue, but if you truly calculate what your time is worth per hour and the acquisition cost of a customer, paying $90/hour to rank and be seen by those searching is a great ROI, not too mention ROTI…Return on Time Investment!

I can’t make you do anything…my wife has learned that from me years ago and I still have that stubborn 15lbs. to lose (okay, 20!).

What I do hope is I convinced you to explore having eBurns Marketing Group be your content solution provider to start with…we can explore SEO and PPC options once we are disciplined in satisfying GoYaBi (okay, RankBrain)!