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Past Post Wisdom: Be Human, Be Ethical, Be Blogging…Sounds Like My Kind of Client


Wayback Business BloggingDigital Marketing is a broad umbrella and there are so many cool tools available to help you out…although there are so many it can be quite confusing and overwhelming.

That’s why I advocate partnering up with eBurns Marketing Group to help you succeed with your marketing needs.  Today, I checked out the “Wayback Machine” which is a digital Internet Archive for websites.

Wow! Have we Evolved since our first website…and for the better as we have established quality teams to help you succeed.

Today, I’ll share a post from 2013 that was lost in all the changes, but resonates to this very day.  Not only are you holding me and my company to very high standards (you really should be!), but I do the same of you!

eBurns Marketing Group May 31, 2013 Blog Post

bigstock-ethics-integrity-trust-word-42702259I recently joined a LinkedIn Group dedicated to Solution Providers of which I am a newly accredited SP.

One of the nice things I noticed is that it includes SPs with various levels of experience AND the Constant Contact team of experts that I am getting to know over time.

I have to say that today’s posting is one that caught my attention and was the basis of my blog title.  We all live by social contracts formed by society, government and/or religion with clear expectations and so too is today’s topic but only for conducting business digitally.

You ultimately have to choose what you and your company wishes to be.  I did and I know what mine is to be.

Thank You TopDog Social Media

From Canada with wisdom comes this Infographic of The 10 Commandments of Social Media.  For those of us in the business of helping businesses use social media, we have all said these at one time or another.

I want potential clients and my current clients to see this as well because I believe it’s not only good advice, but a good way to live and work.  Before I share today’s Infographic with a link back to the TopDog blog article, these are extra important to eBurns Marketing Group because it defines my intrinsic drive to do right in this world, no matter how small or how large.


My Top 3 of Their Top 10

  1. Be a Human Being – Hello, my name is Jerry and I am a Homo Sapien…there, that feels great and you can too!
  2. Be Ethical – They say never SPAM which is unethical.
  3. Business Blogging Very Important– I have been ringing this bell for several years, their blog article says why very nicely.

Come on, It Doesn’t Really Matter

Sadly, for some it probably doesn’t.

Ethical Solutions/Desired ResultsHave you ever taken one of those tests for branding or sales asking what you feel your absolute best or must have quality is?

I do and I recall answering one of them something like this:  “Integrity.  It’s the only thing I can absolutely control in every situation”.

It’s not easy in today’s “cut corners” world and while I am growing my own business with ethical clients, I still see the unethical and CYA tactics being adhered to in the corporate world where the C-Suite bonuses and HR bureaucracy become the new reality.  A tad off (on?) subject, I do recommend George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” highly.

If you agree that this is not an acceptable way to do business and need to find a trusted resource for your digital marketing, then it’s worth an email or call to me.  For those that don’t agree, I’ll keep it clean and say eBurns Marketing Group is not the right match.

Back to the Future – Business Blogging still Matters

Well, the message from 3.5 years ago still resonates on several levels:  Doing business with good people and business blogging is still an integral party of your overall SEO strategy.

If you like to write, we can help with Keyword Research and if you don’t like to write, we will create content that builds your brand’s SEO and image.  Either way, we can help!

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