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Managed vs. Shared Hosting – Did you know there is a difference?


Web Hosting


Did that word invoke any reaction?  Do you even think about it as your website chugs away in it’s digital universe?

For most, they simply think the only goal of website hosting is to get the cheapest plan because “it’s all the same”.

I beg to differ and through my recent work on a couple proposals, came across a great article that is truly a great overview with some meat about this topic.

My post on what the hackers are up to should cause enough alarm to check this out, but I do hope that you take a few minutes to find out just how vulnerable or locked-down your business website is (or isn’t).

Our Website Works – What’s the Problem?

That is a fair question and one that this business owner thought as I first journeyed into running eBurns Marketing Group.

CMS (Content Management System)I have a decent WordPress website that is what we call a Content Management System (CMS).  What a CMS means, in my lay person terms, is there is a lot of stuff going on to present a page or blog post.

This particular CMS is very popular across the globe and that makes my website even more of a target, but other website types are not immune to the hackers focus.

So, what’s the problem?  Depending on the type of hosting plan you chose, you could be passively exposing your business, your clients and site visitors to many different forms of malware or ransomware opportunities.

For example, my website development team offers a monthly hosting package that pretty much locks down your WordPress version, the plugins you use, the hosting servers and the environment necessary to make your website work fast, reliably and safely.

Understand Hosting to Make the Right Decision

This article by WhoIsHostingThis? is probably one of the best ones because it let’s you find out the information you want now or you can deep dive to truly learn.  Plus, it’s written so one can understand the basics and learn more about the complex world of Hosting.

As I said, my company offers WordPress Managed Hosting plans for our new website implementations, but please also read about Shared Hosting and Managed Hosting to truly see what’s involved and why there are great differences in pricing.

Shared Hosting companies (i.e. GoDaddy, Hostgator, 1-and-1) are what we call in the industry as “oversellers”.  In order the dirt-cheap pricing, they have to put as many companies on their servers potentially affecting the quality of your website and it’s up to someone in your business to be proactive when it comes to locking down WordPress security.  Despite our best efforts, hackers are relentless and if you are hacked, you will need to pay an expert to root out the malware or virus which could cost $1,000 or more.

Managed Hosting companies like ours offers proactive plans that monitor the entire hosting environment and works to keep your website clean and on a server that allows your CMS to load reliably so your company gives your visitor a great customer experience.

When you take a few moments to check out the article, you will see there is a lot involved with hosting a website. I focused on Shared and Managed hosting since most businesses fall into one of them.

You can only make a wrong decision if you made it without knowledge.

Some companies have the internal resources to succeed with Shared Hosting, others don’t making Managed Hosting the right choice.  Passively managing this critical part of your digital infrastructure is asking for trouble, so no matter your decision make sure your team stays on top of this environment…I know our team can!