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Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns

Yes to Email Marketing

Digital marketing involves more than having a great website, SEO, or PPC. It is also about finding a way to Involve your customers and prospects beyond your website.

eBurns Marketing Group knows that staying connected with your customers is crucial to growing your business.

Do you wonder how to make the most of your marketing efforts to see a real return on the money you invest?

The high costs and uncertainty associated with traditional advertising methods such as print, radio, television and ever-changing social networks can limit your ability to reach your customers and prospects.

Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach customers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox.

Email Marketing & Newsletters – They Really Work for Your Business!

According to a 2014 Constant Contact survey, small businesses that use multiple methods and channels in conjunction with email marketing reported more:

  • Customer Engagement (73%)
  • New Customers (57%)
  • Website Traffic (54%)
  • Revenue (40%)
  • Referrals (39%)

Numbers aside, smart businesses use email marketing because:

  • It allows you to build relationships, loyalty and trust by staying top of mind with customers and prospects who have given you permission to contact them.
  • It helps you target your customers and prospects so you deliver the right messages at the right time.
  • It gives you access to data — such as who opened and interacted with your email — so you can see what really works and make improvements over time.
  • It drives direct sales and supports sales through other channels.

But don’t just take our word for it. Consider these email marketing statistics:

  • Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook™ and Twitter™ combined in helping your business acquire new customers. (McKinsey, 2014)
  • 66% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message. (DMA, 2013)
  • Email outperforms direct mail with more than four times the return on investment. (DMA, 2013)

Constant Contact Email Marketing Gives Your Business Choices

CTCT_SP_Accredited_Email_Vertical_RGB_300dpiAs a Solution Provider, we know marketing professionals need something familiar and easy to use, but allows for the flexibility that their own business demands.

The Toolkit Digital Marketing Platform delivers on the familiar and allows you to Involve your clients and prospects in ways beyond just email newsletters and marketing:

  • Event Management – From the landing page to ticket payment, it can be done here.
  • Facebook Campaigns – Share content that shows off your expertise, offer a coupon or run a sweepstakes from one platform.
  • Survey and Polls – Find out what your clients think of your service or poll your followers to learn more about their wants.
  • Coupons, Donations and more – Learn more here!

Let us help you choose the perfect email marketing option that fits your business needs.

Contact eBurns Marketing Group to learn how Email Marketing can work for your company.