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Involve 1.3 – Get it Right with the Right Writer


60 Seconds or So Opening ImageOne of the best ways to Involve your clients, customer and prospects is creating content.

Remember, I did not make this up as I pointed out in my Smart Google Guy blog post.

So, to help we have an offer for any business that takes Digital Marketing seriously, presented in our very first “60 seconds (or so) with eBMG” video!

How exciting!  I look forward to helping your business succeed, if you so choose.

Content Marketing for SEO 101 – Blog Baby, Blog!


The Limited Time Offer, Seminar & GoYaBi (again)

Evolve your business into today’s digital marketing world by taking advantage of one of our Limited Time Offers:

  • 50 for 5 Offer – Get five months of $50 off the recommended 4-blog package pricing (Promo Code: ebmg505-0516)
  • 100 for 5 OfferFive months of $100 off the 8-blog package pricing (Promo Code: ebmg1005-0516)
  • 25 for 5 Offer – Receive $25 off the 2-blog package pricing for five months (Promo Code: ebmg255-0516)

We’ll be running this offer through June 30th to help kick-start your website SEO building, company branding and lead generating Business Blogging strategy!

Learn more about our Content Strategy and our Blog Package pricing, then choose the option that best meets your company goals right now…don’t forget to put the Promo Code in! 

Don’t remember our friend the GoYaBI?  This beast needs to be fed often, but can be tamed if you have a great SEO and Content strategy in place.  Read our post on that topic here.

Finally, a reminder that I am presenting “Solve. Involve. Evolve. in today’s Digital Marketing Universe” this upcoming Tuesday, May 17thClick here for the details, but I would like to thank Rich Browning, Asst. VP & Burlington Branch Manager, for making this possible.  I hope to see some of you there.