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Involve 1.1 – Drip, Drip, Drip Your Way to New Customers – Autoresponder Emails


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While Email Marketing is a great tool and ROI builder, as shared in Involve 1.0, today’s competitive marketing place demands more of you to be truly successful.

How do you get a prospective buyer of your goods or services to do just that?

In other words, how do you move your prospect through the sales funnel so they are your next best client?

One way is through “Drip Campaigns” or “Autoresponder” email series that touches your prospects when they have made a choice to interact with your company.

Who You Calling a Drip?

Depositphotos_71082997_originalNo, we’re not saying you are a drip, but we are saying that you should be touching your prospects through carefully planned email touches so they know your service or product is what they need to solve their problem.

Unlike your newsletter or promotional email blast, you are not pushing out information in the hopes it reaches someone who is interested at that moment, but rather you are kicking off an email series based on an action your interested prospect took.

How so?  One common example is your website visitor likes a particular page describing a product, say Email Marketing.  Maybe you have a free download offer or they fill out a form for more information.

You capture their email address and the first email thanking them for their interest and sharing any educational or informational content that may help that person.

Wait, there’s More!

 Or Contacting

For an Autoresponder series to work, there has to be more going out based on a predetermined interval like number of days or perhaps an action taken in the email.

For our example, we’ll setup three more emails to go out after the initial email with the 2nd email automatically going out 2 days later, the 3rd email 5 days later and the final email 14 days later.

Each email will share more about the topic the person is interested in, convey how your company can help them Solve their need and promote other potential solutions that may be of help down the line.

Just because they asked for more information, they may not be totally sure of what need or solution they want, but your series can help eliminate the confusion leading to action online or in person to convert them from prospect to client.

How Can eBMG Help?

Through our Constant Contact Solution Provider email marketing platform and/or our Content Creation team, we can get you set up to capture your leads from your website and trigger a specific email campaign that is of interest to your prospect 24/7.

All you need to do is set it up and let the system automatically keep your company top of mind with your new prospective customer.

eBurns Marketing Group is always exploring ways to Evolve digital marketing strategies not only for our clients, but for ourselves as well.  In recent weeks evaluation of email options that allow for “smart marketing” to occur based on the individual actions of your prospect.  This would include a Lead Scoring system, a CRM and automations that follow “if this, then that” type of logic.

No matter your industry, a well-thought out Autoresponder series will showcase your business to someone who is in the marketing exploring options.  If we Evolve to the “smart marketing” platforms, you will be able to focus your sales efforts on those that are truly ready to purchase.

Good stuff!  We are here to help you get the tools in place, help develop your marketing strategies and assist you in reaching your goals.

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