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Have an Email Address? Tips for ROI Success – Part 1


Bird mailWith a whole world of marketing tools at your disposal, you might wonder if Email Marketing still makes sense in an ever-changing digital world.

After all, social media, instant messaging and video can make email seem outdated.  Does anyone even read emails anymore?

The answer is a resounding – YES!  That email address you collected can be ROI gold!

Email Marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to promote and grow your business – if you do it right.

We’ve found some tips from the experts that can help you achieve success.

From Email Address to Email Marketing Success

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The demise of Email Marketing has been predicted for years, but CIO magazine says it remains one of the most effective tools for reaching prospective and existing customers.

People still check their email address on a daily basis, and the relatively low cost of Email Marketing makes it affordable for small business owners.

The one things that Email Marketing can do that regular advertising can’t is help you build a relationship with your customers through the email address they use daily.

The experts who spoke to CIO suggested 15 ways to create emails that your customers will read and click through.  We’ll go over tips one through eight.

  1. Target your emails – different customers have different interests, so creating specific emails for specific groups is more effective.  You might want to have a feature on your website that allows people to select topics of interest they would like to know more about.
  2. Be mobile friendlyas we recently shared, nearly 60% of Google searches are conducted with a smartphone or mobile device.  You may even be readying this blog on your mobile device.  Emails not optimized for mobile can turn the viewer off.
  3. Try text-only emails – many email programs distort or prevent images from being viewed.  Sometimes a clean, plain text email is the way to go.
  4. Email as a person – people open emails based on who sends them.  Give your business emails a face.  Again, one of the purposes of your Email Marketing is to build a relationship with your customers…if they like what they see, your business is invited to their email address over and over again!
  5. Have a good subject line – your subject should give customers a reason to open your email.  What makes your email compelling?  Are you promoting a sale or offering a coupon?  Let the reader know.
  6. Get personal – the more your email can speak directly to a customer, the more chance it has of being a success.  Knowing about your customers’ purchases may help you direct specific emails subjects to specific people.
  7. Call for action – your email should be clear about what you want the reader to do, and to the point.  If people have to look more than five seconds, they may delete your message.
  8. Design for the preview – the first time people see your email is likely in the preview pane.  Again, this means any pictures likely won’t be seen by the reader.  So, keep the most important information at the top of your email to give your customers a reason to open it.

Of course, the goal of Email Marketing is to get your customers to open it and click through to your website.

These first eight tips can help you achieve the desired email address invite.  Next week we will share another seven tips you can take to improve your chances of being relevant and meaningful to your audience.

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