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Got Mobile? Better Make Sure You’re Responsive for SEO


Mobile Ready WebsiteSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a very important key to marketing your brand and making sure your website is found.

Do you also know the the importance of SEO for mobile devices, which has been growing exponentially?

To be successful today, you need to make sure that your website can be found by those searching for a product or service that you offer.

I’m sure you spent time making your website “just right” for a pleasing user experience.  But, don’t forget about your mobile website…is it optimally designed for ease of navigation and intuitive call to actions?

Some things to consider and solutions to make it happen in today’s post.

Mobilegeddon – Google Requires Mobile-Friendly Sites

Mobile Responsive Design

Is your website compatible with customers who are searching for products using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet?

2014 Pew Research study found that for at least 10% of the population, a smartphone and mobile network was the only access that some people have to the Internet!  Throw in the April 2015 Google algorithm change (fondly named “Mobilegeddon” by the Tech Community) that rewards mobile-friendly websites over those that are not…which is no accident because their data clearly shows the users want it this way!

This immediately resulted in nearly half of Fortune 500 company websites needing a redesign to keep from falling off the Google mobile search map, according to TechCrunch.

The good news is that for Google searches using a desktop or laptop, the algorithm does not rely on a website’s mobile capabilities to rank search results.  The bad news Search Engine Land shares is that nearly 60% of Google searches are done using a mobile device and you have to believe that is only going to rise in the next few years.

What Makes a Website Mobile-Friendly?

Some of the factors Google uses in determining the “mobile-friendliness” of a website are:

  • No Zooming Users should not have to zoom in to read the content on your website.
  • Usable Links Users can easily tap on your website links to navigate your website.
  • Fits the Screen – Users don’t have to do a lot of horizontal scrolling to view your pages.

Seems pretty straight forward, right?  Of course, there is a difference between knowing where you want to be and knowing how to get there.  eBurns Marketing Group can help make your website appealing no matter how your clients find you.

It’s All About Search Engine Optimization!

GoYaBi Loves ContentWhich brings us back to SEO and the fact that merely making your website mobile-friendly doesn’t guarantee that Google will put you at the top of search results page. Not being at the top effectively reduces your chances of being chosen by a customer, which reduces the opportunities for increased revenue!

Search Engine Land shares that mobile has changed the way users access content and has changed the way users digest that content.

It used to be that users viewed content on web pages in the same way readers scanned the content in a newspaper, as I was taught back in journalism school!

This left-to-right, zigzag trajectory took 2.6 seconds on average for a reader to scan the results page.  Today, thanks to everyone viewing websites on their mobile devices, users now scan web pages vertically and spend half the time (1.3 seconds on average) doing so.  This means that your placement in search results matters – a lot!

What does this mean for your website?  It means a strategic digital marketing plan leveraging sound SEO techniques is critical for Google (and other search engines) to reward your company with a high page rank.

For our readers, this is not news as the classic GoYaBi and the Smart Google Guy posts hopefully conveyed.


That’s what we all want, isn’t it?  SEO results take a multifaceted strategy that includes Content Creation strategies like:

  • Business Blogging at least 4 times per month;
  • Relevant Newsletters to your prospects as well as your current clients;
  • Targeting the Keywords most likely to succeed for your strategies;
  • Smart Social Media posting strategies;
  • and, of course, continuous measurement, review and refinement.

ipad-632394_1280Google has made it clear that mobile friendly design and content creation is of the utmost importance, but far too many people ignore the digital road map.

Hey, we get it…time is precious and limited.  How do you find time to run a business with all of this “digital mumbo jumbo” to deal with?

Well, I know of one way…build upon the smart choices you have already made by leveraging the talents and expertise of eBurns Marketing Group to help get more done in less time.

We offer the possibility of a winning digital marketing strategy that brings you the long-term success you desire for your company.

The digital map is showing all of us the way to drive traffic to your mobile website.  Contact us to begin your mobile-friendly SEO journey towards business success today!