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Does Your UX Designer (Website) Keep Customers Coming Back?


Bad customer serviceWe’ve all had bad website experiences.

You want to buy or learn something, but you just can’t seem to figure out the website.  You click on link after link and end up down a rabbit hole that seems to take you everywhere except where you want to go.

Often you get so frustrated you just give up.

After an experience like that, you probably never go back to that website again.

What kind of experience do you want your customer to have? Did your UX Designer deliver on that desire?

Baby Please Don’t Go!

Web DesignAt eBurns Marketing Group, we do a lot of talking about what it takes to get customers to your website, but once they get there do they stay?

You don’t want to be singing along with Van Morrison begging your customers not to go!

What can make or break your website and your business comes down to User Experience, or UX.  Hopefully, you have already heard about the UX phenomenon and how it is changing the approach to website design.

If you haven’t, you will soon.  UX design and thinking may become vital to your future success.

What does a UX Designer do?

Experts say there is no “common” definition of UX Design, but an example of where it has been a success is Apple.  We’ve all seen the news stories about people camping out to get the latest iPhone or other Apple product.

We’d all love to have that kind of success!

User Testing Blog asked 15 UX Design experts what it means to them.  Their answers may, and should, change how you think about your website’s design.

Laura Klein, a principal at Users Know describes UX Design as the process of determining the kind of experience people will have when using your product.  Obviously, you want it to be a positive experience, but how do you make that happen?

Joshua Porter, founder of Bokado, says UX Design means thinking about your users during every step of the design process. It involves an awareness of all the things that comprise how customers interact with your product and what impact that interaction has.

Are your website’s visitors happy as they click through your pages, or do they get frustrated and leave?  A good UX Designer helps keep visitors happy!

Is It too Late?  Of Course Not!

mobile-phone-1393371_1280While our 15 UX Designers all described a process that should begin before a website or product is created, it does not mean that it is too late for you.

The world is constantly changing, so are your customers, and so should your website.  To survive, you must EVOLVE.

eBurns Marketing Group offers web design optimized to give your users a positive experience.  We want them to leave your website happy and ready to come back for more.

You can visit the Burlington Connecticut Chamber of Commerce site to get an idea about the kind of work we do.  We’re sure you will like the experience.

Contact us today to start your UX journey.  You will be happy that you did.