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Constant Contact – What’s in it for Me? Quite Simply, a Lot!


CTCT_SP_Accredited_Email_Block_RGB_300dpi-01As an Accredited Solution Provider, one can probably accuse me of being quite biased when I promote Constant Contact.

It’s a normal reaction as is the “I’m not a small business, so it’s not for me” or the classic “MailChimp is so much better and it’s free”.

I am “biased” because I did try other Email Service Providers until I found the Email Marketing product so much better from a design and ease of use perspective for my solo gig many years ago.

As I kept using and promoting Constant Contact, they did a wonderful thing and evolved to address critical strategies such as Event Management, Facebook promotions and now Advertising, Local Deals, Coupon campaigns and how to manage your customers and prospective clients with a powerful List Management and Segmentation tool.

Throw in the live support, high-quality educational material both On-Demand and Live and their commitment to the Solution Provider program so I am right there with you AND at very affordable pricing…well, one can say they are not monkeying around with your time or results!!  Oh yeah, fantastic reporting tools for all your different campaigns and all of this is in one easy to learn and use interface called Toolkit.

Since then, I have learned that any size business can utilize the powerful Toolkit and any type of consumer can use it as well.  What do I mean?

Constant Contact Right Campaign Image

Do It Yourself or Do It For Me

If your time is best spent doing the marketing and sales functions, then the Email Plus program fulfills your “Do It Yourself” mentality and needs.  There is ample support from eBurns Marketing Group as your Solution Provider as well as all the training I mentioned above.

If you are like me, a “Do it for Me” proponent, you recognize the cost of getting dedicated, best-in-industry help is far more cost-effective than working an editor, finding pictures and writing perfect copy that only takes time away from supporting clients and finding new business opportunities.

The fantastic news is a solution called the Personal Marketer Program exists.  You literally have a Constant Contact expert on your team that:

  • Helps you plan your content strategies
  • Creates emails
  • Event invites
  • Autoresponder series and more!

The best part is they do the heavy lifting in creating it all and making sure it always gets done on time so you don’t have to spend hours at your desk when you should be meeting your next best client.

What’s In It For You?

A professional digital marketing platform that will ensure you follow industry best practices, avoid CAN-SPAM issues and is always evolving with the times so you don’t have to figure it out by yourself…all for a very competitive price whether you “Do it Yourself” or prefer “Do it for Me”.

Even better, here are a few options I can offer as a Solution Provider:

  • Kick the tires and take the fully functional Toolkit platform for a ride through our 60-Day Free Email Plus trial.
  • Until January 31st, you can take advantage of the 15% Annual Prepay Discount on a monthly basis.  Just Click Here and enter CODE: SPJAN16 to get 15% off your monthly payment for 12 months.

There are some February promotions coming up, so why not start a trial and see how eBurns Marketing Group and Constant Contact can help your business grow in today’s competitive digital marketing space.