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Business Blogging: Step-by-Step – Many or a Few, It’s Your Choice


bigstock-Blog-1625652I did a high-level presentation focusing on the Digital Marketing Universe recently and the business owners who came shared some of their thoughts on a follow-up survey.

While the topic was generally seen a fun approach to a very complicated, and at times dry, topic…several of the attendees said they were looking for more details.

Based on my presentation objective, that was one of the outcomes I hoped for as the interest had to be stoked and lit, just like a good fire!

The question on any internet marketing strategy your company (or you) will pursue comes down to the same key factors each time:

  • Time
  • Budget
  • Results

While these vary by strategy and client, they are fairly consistent.  Today, I will share what it takes for you to achieve Business Blogging success!

Efficient, Affordable Success is Yours to Take

Depositphotos_84011706_l-2015What it takes is finding the right program that leverages your business needs while valuing your time and budget.

Our program delivers all this and is a wicked value (putting on my New England hat there!) when you compare it to how long it will take you to do it right.

Voila!  An upfront investment of planning time, about an hour, and a few other calendar topic meetings every few months combined with your review/approval process is all it takes.

OR, you can do it all yourself.  To be fair, make sure you calculate how much an hour of your time is worth.

Not sure how long it will take?  Read on for the Step-by-Step, but I’ll be generous and say 3 hours per posting (rolling in the planning time as well)…although it can take far longer if you hate, dislike or have other sh…stuff to do that takes your focus away from the task at hand.

Google Says Business Blogging is Important

GoYaBi from PixabyIf Google says it’s important (yes, a blog post is valuable content for GoYaBi), why are you not taking this more seriously?

One reason that easily comes to mind is this one:  Writing Sucks!

Okay, that’s probably the #1 reason on the Family Feud and in most minds, but it is not a great business reason to be perfectly frank.

And, now…without further adieu, The Blog Post Creation List:

  • Topic Planning from your business knowledge, upcoming holidays, offers & promotions, how-to, etc.
  • Create your schedule on a calendar by topic
  • Write the individual blog posts
    • Research the topic online, from internal resources or personal experiences
    • Develop the Keyword focus for the blog topic
    • Write your first draft.  Typically, between 350 and 400 words is sufficient to get your point across.
    • Edit and/or rewrite your first draft until you feel your readers will have spent their time wisely.
    • Determine your Call-to-Action (CTA) and make it obvious to your reader.  It could range from Call or Contact Us to a special offer/download.
    • Proof your final draft for spelling and/or grammar errors.
  • Find the perfect Photos (with proper copyright) for your blog post
    • Arrange photos to enhance your messaging to the reader
    • Do any necessary editing to make sure the text/images flow naturally for the reader.
  • Format your Post
    • Add in any hyperlinks to supporting company pages or 3rd party reference sites that are part of your topic.
    • How long of an intro and where to put the Read More break.
    • Your Headers (or Section titles)
    • Bold key words and phrases for the power skimmers
    • Put in your CTA for your reader to act upon
  • Categorize and Tag your post – This strategy needs to be developed upfront, otherwise it can get messy.
  • Plan your Social Media channel push of your post.
    • Is it a WordPress plugin, program module or done manually?
    • Don’t forget the link shortener for Twitter (and account for the characters a picture takes up)
  • Publish or Schedule your post
    • Will probably schedule your post most times so you can get ahead on your writing.
  • Verify post published as tested and all social media channels did as well.
    • Fix issues
  • Do it all over again (and again) for each blog post topic.

So, Which Blogging Method Do You Prefer?

Sorry, it’s always a choice.

  • The laborious list above taking time away from your critical business functions OR;
  • Spending a little time planning and approving for far less cost than your time and opportunities lost as a direct result of doing all this yourself.

From the song Freewill by Rush “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”.

I live that list because I choose to help those that don’t want to.  My team is ready to help you please GoYaBi and get more eyeballs on your site.

Why have a website in today’s digital marketing universe if you are not going to do what is necessary to succeed?

That’s the real question you have to answer before choosing how to best do a business blog for your company.

If you are in the camp of “writing sucks!”, then I believe the choice is literally a click away…I want eBurns Marketing Group to work with you soon!


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