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Abracadabra, POOF! And there goes Your Company Blog or Website


I am very much aware of the pressure to keep expenses in check, it’s simply a good way to do business.

I also read this quote by Bertie Charles Forbes, “If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business” and it has a lot of meaning to what I am sharing today…at least I think it does.

eBurns Marketing Group operates in a country conditioned by the Walmarts of the world to sacrifice quality for the absolute bargain basement pricing.

I see it in the confidence shared by business owners who say they have Wix or setup a Weebly website and it’s working fine.

Maybe it is, but that confidence should be met with great concern because…POOF!!!!…all you have done can be gone in a microsecond.

We Own It, Right?

My first ‘it’ example is your blog…you do have a blog, right???  You must do business blogging because that is what Google (and Yahoo and Bing) gives importance to so your website ranks over time.  Ready my post about making GoYaBi happy here when you get a chance.

So, you’re smart enough to invest in your business blog but you think having it on a “free” platform is better than having a WordPress site created.  That thinking is already hurting your SEO prospects, but if you’re writing great content and driving actions you’re happy.

Until Google (or any provider of a free service) does thisPOOF!!!!…hours, weeks, months or years of effort disappearing into the equivalent of a Digital Universe blackhole!

Protect Your Brand (and Results)

I can’t say this any more simply…be the driver of your own business!  If you are a professional entrepreneur then invest in the long-term success of your brand by OWNING your website, your blog and making that the communication hub for your visitors, prospects and clients.

I shared an article where blogger lost 14 years of work and many discount/low-budget companies come and go potentially damaging your digital brand.

Have you ever read the Terms of Service?  Now who is driving your business??

cards-1437776_640You can share your posts on many different social platforms, so by all means continue to use the free platforms to your advantage.  But, understand that the rules will change on the whim of someone else (Facebook does it all the time to business pages) and if you don’t own your most valuable content, you are literally risking all the successes from your digital strategies.

If you won’t invest in your company and roll the dice, then don’t cry when ‘POOF!!!!’ happens.  Instead, Pick yourself up and call eBurns Marketing Group to start over again.

If this hits home and you realize it’s time to cash in your chips before the dealer gets Black Jack, call us to see how we can help you devise and implement a strategy of success for long-term viability.

I can only share the real-life gut-wrenching stories, it’s your choice to be the driver of your own business or not…just make that choice before ‘POOF!!!!’ happens.