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3 Tips for Digital Marketers Video to Help You Succeed


60 Seconds or So Opening ImageOne of the best ways to Involve your clients, customer and prospects is creating content.

Remember, I did not make this up as I pointed out in my Smart Google Guy blog post.

In this episode of “60 seconds (or so) with eBMG” I touch on some tips to keep in mind as you start doing video campaigns…or any digital marketing initiative!

Today’s “or so” video shares my thoughts related to the over-inflation of Facebook’s video ad stats.  It’s not nefarious, but it shows even the leaders in this space can make mistakes…at least that’s how I will term it today!

It’s not rocket science, but if you take the time to know that you need to not only find a trusted partner like I think my company is, but you need to take steps to protect what you do.

3 Tips for Digital Marketers

You can click to read “Facebook’s Faulty Stats: Solving the Video Engagement Measurement Problem” on AdAge.com